Vacation Rentals

Stay with us

C|C Group has vacation rentals available across the Twin Cities. Stay on one of the many 10,000+ lakes with the family, or visit the vibrant city of Minneapolis to cheer on the Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium, see a Broadway show at The Orpheum, or dance the night away at First Avenue. C|C Group has years of experience in the hospitality industry and provides service that you cannot get with any other vacation rental company. In addition to 24/7 customer support, there is a range of concierge services available to add on to your stay, including car services, pick-up and drop-off, reservation services, childcare recommendations, housekeeping, grocery shopping and delivery options, catering, and more!

Rent Your Home

For more information on renting out your home, please click on “Rent Your Home” to get an estimated value of what your home could be worth. Not only does C|C Group take care of the screening and check-in process, but we also make sure guests treat your home with care and respect.

Vacation Rentals - 3449 Holmes Avenue, Minneapolis, MN - C|C Group
Vacation Rentals - Minneapolis & Saint Paul for the 2018 Super Bowl

Rentals for Peak Times in Minneapolis!

The Big Game was here in March, and we had you covered with rental properties! Now we’ll move on to the next peak rental time in Minnesota. Whether looking for a home to rent or looking to rent out your home, C|C Group has the resources to give you an exclusive experience. Plus, C|C Group has 20+ years of experience in property management to ensure that your home and the guests are taken care of.